Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vintage V.S. Fringe



What will you choose to wear for this swim season, Vintage or Fringe?
Fringe bathing suits seem to be the new trend around the beaches.
However, our ever popular vintage style of clothing is still on the rise. From high-waste shorts, to jumpers, to cropped tops & old school 50's dresses...
Now I see the vintage bathing suits selling everywhere. Many retailers have jumped on the vintage train & are now adding high-waste bathing suit bottoms & patterned tops to their stores.
We are seeing lots of plaid & floral patterns in these suits.
Where as, in the fringe look, we are seeing more bright & exotic colors.
My advice for this swim dilemma on which to choose...BUY BOTH!!!!

*Tell me which style you guys would prefer*

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